Something not well understood in our tribe is that Prostate ” stress” does not increase in a dosage-dependent manner with the Elevation of Androgens, in healthy individuals

IE The degree of Prostate Stress is not really different between 100mg, 250mg Test a week and ” more” – we have data on 500mg week and 600mg a week.

Why ?

Well unlike Skeletal Muscle Tissue Prostate tissue is not very ” plastic”

Androgen Receptors in Muscle Tissue ” upregulate” in the presence of Androgens – totally the opposite of what most think BTW, yes thats right AR upregulate not downregulate in the presence Androgens

Hence ” more works more” when it comes to Muscle

But AR in the Prostate are relatively fixed so once they are saturated well that’s as bad as its going to get.

There seem to be a few conditions here however

It appears the AR overexpression in the Prostate does occur in Type 2 Diabetes suffers – hence the reason for the lower survival rate in Men with both Type 2 Diabetes and Pca together

So we need to use the condition

” In healthy young men “

Takeaway ?

Elevate your androgens to a certain threshold ( about 100mg a week ) and it does not degrade further from there

Study data hereĀ 


This explains how a healthy young guy with 1200mg a week T can have a PSA of 0.4