Progressive Overload Model Option 1 – Pyramid Weight Up + Back Off Set to Failure

In todays Victor Black Master Class Video we look at one of several valid and viable Progressive Overload Models

Model 1 – Pyramid Weight Up + Back Off Set to Failure
I recommend different models for different individuals at different times in their Career
This is the model I recommend for Advanced Trainers that are ” Injury Adverse”

IE we gradually raise the weight on the bar over several sets to a Top Load set ( where none of these sets are taken to failure )

and then we back down the weight by 20% from the Top Load Set for one final all out to failure set.

And an additional Sets is added each week for 4 weeks in a Row
At week 5 we Deload to wash off of the fatigue we have accumulated over the last 30 days
Then add additional weight to the Bar even if that is a fractional plate and start again.
Victor Back

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