Progressive Overload Model Option 1 – Pyramid Weight Up + Back Off Set to Failure

In todays Victor Black Master Class Video we look at one of several valid and viable Progressive Overload Models

Model 1 – Pyramid Weight Up + Back Off Set to Failure
I recommend different models for different individuals at different times in their Career
This is the model I recommend for Advanced Trainers that are ” Injury Adverse”

IE we gradually raise the weight on the bar over several sets to a Top Load set ( where none of these sets are taken to failure )

and then we back down the weight by 20 percent from the Top Load Set for one final all out to failure set.

And an additional Sets is added each week for 4 weeks in a Row

At week 5 we Deload to wash off of the fatigue we have accumulated over the last 30 days
Then add additional weight to the Bar even if that is a fractional plate and start again.
Victor Back