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” Of all the individuals I have met in bodybuilding,  Victor Black is the most rational, reasoned, and evidence-based coach out there.

He is doing great things and helping many men. I recommend him 100 percent to anyone that wants to achieve their bodybuilding goals and maintain their health.

Work with this man and you will see results. ”

Thank you Victor Black

” We have always been on the same page and remember several years ago when I first saw you posting and being the voice of reason in regards to androgen use and other PIEDs. NO ONE else was engaging people about real risks and questioning the status quo but you did and continue to do just that.

There are very few people I stand behind in this area because, as you well know, anyone can claim to be an expert and people honestly do not know in general how to gauge credibility.

You are credible and update your beliefs based on the best available evidence and use experience to connect the dots. Many researchers and few physicians never get to this level of self-awareness.

That, alone, is worth its weight in gold but very few reach the level of honesty required with themselves and others.

I wish more people would peruse your content and listen to your material. They would save themselves a lot of BS and really learn to prioritize health.

What good is pursuit of bodybuilding if one can’t live to enjoy it? ”

Scott Howell, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, Center for Clinical Research. He is an epidemiologist, exercise physiologist and mechanical engineer with research interests in the long-term safety of therapeutic androgen use, endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure, and preventative medicine. His personal interests include research methods, biostatistics, adaptations to physical training, illicit androgen abuse, and philosophy.

Dr. Howell is an author with expertise spanning many fields. His authorships include a recent sport science text, Integrated Periodization in Sports Training and Athletic Development, coauthored with Dr. Tudor Bompa, University of Toronto, and Dr. James Hoffmann, East Tennessee State University. He has also served as a subject matter expert on applied periodization of physical training and the risks involved with illicit doping in sports and bodybuilding. Recently he coauthored the Encyclopedia of Sports Speed for The National Association of Speed and Explosion.

Dr. Howell has published in several notable peer-review journals including the American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism, Karger Cardiology, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Pharmacological Research, and the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.


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