Client Testimonial from Prof Jonas Schwatz Phd

” Victor Black is one of the wisest persons I know. Not only is he passionate about researching every possible aspect of bodybuilding, health and anti-aging, but he has the ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a logical manner. His nutritional, training and supplement guidance prioritize what will get the most results according to a real risk/reward analysis.

I followed his general information channel as a Master Class member for a year before making the jump to individual coaching for another year in order to break through a plateau. I can honestly say, I have made more progress in the two years under his tutelage than in my previous 30+ years of training.

This guy is the real deal, and he’s worth far more than he charges. I’ll be a Master Class member for life, and if I decide to go for it and do a show at 50, he’ll coach me again, whatever the cost. ”

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