References – John Sunday – 40 Male USA

These are my graphs above.

I must say this man is a no bullshit type of coach. But he knows his stuff.

I had been stalled around 245 lbs for last 6 months. I am a 5 to 6 day a week gym rat. Hour and a half per day at min between strength and last 15 minute cardio. I had previously gotten myself down to 245 from 263 lbs over a year and half using keto, Adkins, intermittent fasting etc. 245 was as low as I could go.

Even tried a mixture of low carb and starving myself. Nothing worked.

Within our first session he had me pegged. First week I was eating five good meals a day. Never hungry a minute.

And after two weeks the stubborn fat Just started coming off. Energy was up. Work outs are better. Now there was some gut check moments in there.

Eating chicken wings instead of chicken breast etc that he called me out on. Lol.

This ain’t a fucking bar mate was his statement.

He actually cared about my success, called me out and made me accountable which I need cause I tend to try and outsmart myself sometimes.

Vic didn’t just care about the weight loss. It was my overall health.

My blood glucose was pre diabetic range which I never checked.

Before he would start with the gritty weight loss stuff, he made sure that was in check first which he got below 100 from the the one teens and twenty’s.

Follow his instructions to a T, don’t cheat and he’ll help you get there.

I am over halfway where I think I need to be but the plan in place is bullet proof.

Thanks a million Vic!

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