From Danny Westwood.. C6 complete spinal Cord Injury Survivor

” I suffered a C6 complete spinal cord injury (quadriplegic) in November 2018, after which followed 3 months in bed and 3 months inpatient rehabilitation. Despite my best efforts, I lost all of my previous strength and muscle mass.

After discharge, I scheduled a one-on-one Skype call with Victor where we discussed diet, training, mindset and safe enhancement practices.

I also joined Masterclass and set about executing.

My overseeing therapist has told me in his 25 years of experience, he has never seen a quadriplegic gain so much strength and muscle mass so quickly.

While strength and mass are very welcome, it’s the associated increased quality of life that has been the real blessing.

Victor has helped me to achieve strength my therapist didn’t think possible and helped to increase my independence and quality of life in the process. “

If you need help dont feel like you need to be a Bodybuilder for me to interested in Coaching you … I just want to work with guys that are driven to be the best version of themselves


Victor BlackĀ 

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