References – Alan Williams, 67 Years Old Competitive Bodybuilder

67 year old competitive client – you are never too Old to be the best version of you.

Client testimonial from Alan Williams

” I am a 67 year old Male and have competed in a number of local Grandmasters bodybuilding contests in the last 5 years.

I was introduced to Victor a couple of years ago after seeing the amazing results a friend and fellow competitor Rick Newcombe had achieved while training with Victor. It was amazing what he had accomplished for a newby in 4 years!

I recently had a bit of a medical scare after not following the protocol that Victor always recommends, that being monitoring blood pressure regularly etc.

Not knowing what to do,I signed up with Victor for help.

He looked at my blood work, recommended a new supplement regime and diet. He really pays attention to my concerns and makes changes when necessary based on my particular situation.

Finally after just over a month I am feeling better, loosing weight and still retaining muscle.

He always has a plan, we will do this next week and then do this the next week.

He is very knowledgeable about healthy supplementation and what older bodybuilders should or should not be using.

I would recommend Victor to younger and older bodybuilders who are results oriented and as passionate about the sport as Victor is.”

Alan Williams

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