IFBB Pro John Jewett

J3 University is about providing the best information from science and those in the trenches to bring an approach that is efficient and safe for physique enhancement. PED was a challenge of a topic to cover as there was so much garbage to sort through and it left me finding resources that are fantastic and that need credit where credit is do.

A large contribution to my knowledge set was through @victorblackmasterclass I am a member and highly recommend you signing up for his site as he on top of the game regarding male and female PEDs. Also his new site specific for females called enhancedwomen.com the very slide above is a recreation credit to Victor’s excellent wealth of information.

There are several others that have shaped my thoughts on PED usage a few included @joe_physiquecollective @mountaindog1 @austinst8 @dante_trudel and @trainedbyjp Follow all these guys to learn and apply the best knowledge you can for physique enhancement. I never want to have my information thought of the J3 way or John way as I learned everything from someone at some point. #j3university

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