I am very well aware that some would say I am biased against SARMs..

I totally understand why it might look that way, of course.

Article after article I post breaks apart the years of lies we have been fed by the marketing behind SARMs websites, and I say lies because a lot of what is believed by the General Population is just ” made up”

RAD-140 has a 90: 1 Anabolic to Androgenic Ratio ?

Show me where that is documented, I cant find it and I have looked.

There are 2 studies on RAD-140 neither say anything of the sort. So where did that come from, If someone can show me the source great ! I will have learnt something new

Instead, the evidence we do have says you would need to take 3 x the RAD-140 to realise the outcome from low dosage Testostereone – 16.2 mg a day of Test 113mg a week is equated to 48mg a day of RAD-140

90: 1 ? how

Even wikipedia has a comment to the same – without any reference at all, this shows how far the bs has spread.

Just because I write about such things not mean I am biased – that means I am seeking the truth.

As I say if you read carefully my posts, without your own filters you will see where I say ” who” should be looking into SARMs

Far greater is the potential to combine SARMs with Steriods

Let me give the SARMs advocate a post to ” celebrate” as a token of good will here haha

This study shows how the SARM Ostaraine and DHT ” work” via very distinct genomic and non gemonic pathways

If this is true then potentially we can leverage both together for perhaps a 1 + 1 = 3 advantage, we have no proof of this of course but its certainly plausible.

I am interested in learning more about that sure

Victor Black