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Professor Jonas Schwatz Phd, Master Class Lifetime Member

” Victor Black is one of the wisest persons I know. Not only is he passionate about researching every possible aspect of bodybuilding, health and anti-aging, but he has the ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a logical manner. His nutritional, training and supplement guidance prioritize what will get the most results according to a real risk/reward analysis.I followed his general information channel as a Master Class member for a year before making the jump to individual coaching for another year in order to break through a plateau. I can honestly say, I have made more progress in the two years under his tutelage than in my previous 30+ years of training.

This guy is the real deal, and he’s worth far more than he charges. I’ll be a Master Class member for life, and if I decide to go for it and do a show at 50, he’ll coach me again, whatever the cost. ”

Professor Scott Howell, Phd – Androgen Researcher & PED Harm Reduction Expert

Of all the individuals I have met in Bodybuilding Victor Black is the most rational, reasoned and evidenced based coach out there. He is doing great things and helping many Men. I recommend him to anyone that wants to achieve their Bodybuilding Goals and maintain their health. Work with this man you will see results.

Prof Scott Howell, Phd
Tier 1 Health and Wellness

Paul Rowe 
Over 50 Class World Champion Bodybuiding
Coaching Client

This reference from Paul Rowe World Champion Bodybuilder

My name is Paul Rowe.

I am a longstanding competitive bodybuilder and have been 3x Masters Mr Britain 040 and 050, Mr UK o50, NABBA o50s World Champion and runner up in the NABBA MR Universe.

People might assume my years of training would have taught me most of what there is to know about building muscle, losing body fat, executing nutrition plans and training regimes.

But my years of experience have taught me that human differences, including age, body type and of course genetics factor so greatly in what is achievable as a bodybuilder.

Science is also always moving forward, which means we must continue to learn and build upon our knowledge base. There is a lot of information out there that is, at best, counterproductive, and at worst extremely harmful. How do we weed out the good from the bad?

Personally, I made a great discovery in Victor Black.

Victor does all the hard work for his clients/Masterclass members. So you may be asking ‘why Victor’ over all the other guys’ online?

Well here’s why:

Victor does a huge amount of research (so you don’t have to)
His knowledge is not just around Bodybuilding; it’s also about being healthy while achieving your goals; and he has a large amount of anti-aging content.
Because his views are science and researched based he is not precious about his online content; if the science changes so will the content.

Like me, his view is that PEDs are not the solution to poor or even average genetics but that lifestyle, nutrition and training are the true building blocks of a head turning physique. Whilst not contradicting the above Victor has a massive knowledge base on PEDs, hormones, metabolism control and vitamins.

I could go on, but I will leave it at that and encourage you to check Victor out for yourself.

Derek Michael Owner More Plates More Dates, Master Class Lifetime Member

” I will continue to support you and recommend you to all of my followers, your content is Gold”

” The amount of value you give out far exceed this. Keep up the great work brother”

Andre Christopher Morris, Masters Class Lifetime Member
Cert. Personal Trainer/ Cert. Fitness Nutrition and Resistance Training Specialist (NFPT)

I’m so glad that signed up for Victor’s lifetime package over a year ago. Great investment. Not just because of price but ROI. His knowledge is invaluable. You want straight answers with no gimmicks? Sign up.

Andre Christopher Morris

Matt Bredfeldt


Working with Victor was an absolute pleasure.

He is a great wealth on every aspect of bodybuilding: nutrition protocols, enhancement, training, and recovery. He has a funny way of telling you what you need to hear to make you want to get shit done.

Weekly chats were always great and he truly wants success for all of his clients.

Looking forward to working with him again!

Matt Bredfeldt

 From Danny Westwood.. C6 complete spinal Cord Injury Survivor

” I suffered a C6 complete spinal cord injury (quadriplegic) in November 2018, after which followed 3 months in bed and 3 months inpatient rehabilitation. Despite my best efforts, I lost all of my previous strength and muscle mass.

After discharge, I scheduled a one-on-one Skype call with Victor where we discussed diet, training, mindset and safe enhancement practices.

I also joined Masterclass and set about executing.

My overseeing therapist has told me in his 25 years of experience, he has never seen a quadriplegic gain so much strength and muscle mass so quickly.

While strength and mass are very welcome, it’s the associated increased quality of life that has been the real blessing.

Victor has helped me to achieve strength my therapist didn’t think possible and helped to increase my independence and quality of life in the process. “

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