No there is no such thing as a Steroid that will “dry you out”

No Winstrol will not dry you out, nor Masterton, nor Halotesin, nor Trenbolone – hell use enough Trenbolone and you will drive subcutaneous water retention.  

So no that is not what is going on here. 

No Androgenic or Anabolic Steroid causes “ Diuresis “

In fact all AAS drugs cause “ water retention” to some degree, every single last one

and by extension Estrogen is NOT the only consequence of AAS use that determines “ water retention”

Different AAS compounds affect their water retentive actions via different pathways

an increase in Glycogen Synthase
an increase in Creatine Synthase
Ionic Balance ( Minerals )
an increase in Estrogen Ratios
an increase in Prolactin / Progesterone

DHT derivates tend to drive intracellular water retention only

Drugs that convert to Estrogen or those that are Estrogens in their own right ( like Nandrolone ) tend to drive both intra and extracellular water retention

When Prolactin is elevated this tends to drive principally extracellular water retention.

So it’s “ where” they drive the water that makes them “appear to dry you out” …

No there is no such thing as a Steroid that will “dry you out”

Victor Black