Muscle Confusion ? How often do you need to change Exercise Selection

You will often hear guys talk about the need to “confuse the muscle”

Sadly the only one that is going to be “confused”  here is them

There are 3 reasons to change out any given individual exercise and indeed quite the opposite is true changing exercises constantly, especially in complex exercises that require a degree of skill development, can seriously hold you back.
Lets look at the 3  reasons to might change out an exercise

1, Are you still making gains in rep strength on the exercise ?
2, Is the exercise causing any aches or pains that are connective tissue related? And are these getting worse with each week or accumulating over multiple weeks?
3, Are you getting a good mind-muscle connection on the exercise, or is it feeling stale and annoying to do ?

Outside of these conditions there is no reason to change an exercise. If this means you keep an exercise around for up to a year or more, so be it!

Today’s 10 minute video covers how often you need to change your Training Exercise Selection..

Do you need to mix it up ? Do you need to confuse the Muscles ?

What is the result of changing Exercises too quickly ?


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