Risks associated with Glass Ampules vs Multi-dosage Vials  

Ampoules are single-dose glass containers they have a wide-ranging capacity and are sealed by heat fusion to exclude any contamination. They have a thin wall which allows rupture of the glass to expose the contents of liquid or powder. There is a narrow constriction leading to the neck which is often marked with a white ring which indicates the place where the neck can be snapped off. Ampoule opening devices of various designs are available.

Are Glass Ampoules or Multi-use Vials ” safer” ? 

There are very few things in our World that are best served by Black and White thinking

Here are some of the risks and benefits to the use of Glass Ampules

Best practice advise for opening Glass Vials

Multi-dose vials are also part of this strategy of risk reduction. However, they also present disadvantages such as the need for preservatives, statistically greater probability of bacterial contamination, and the use of latex in the aspiration mechanism.

Multi-dose vials are glass containers which have a rubber closure which can be penetrated to allow the addition of a diluent to dissolve powder contents and withdrawal of a dose via the needle. The exposed rubber surface is usually covered by a protective pull-off metal or plastic cap which prevents tampering or damage but does not provide sterility

In order to ensure that the correct volume is withdrawn, it will be necessary to perform a calculation. If you need help with this ask

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