Syringes Selection – Type and Volume Capacity 

The dialogue around ” Syringe Selection” is fairly straight forward. 

Syringes are commonly plastic and disposable. They consist of a graduated barrel and a plunger and a tip. It is the tip that classifies the type of syringe as Luer-Lok or Luer-Slip.

You will, rather obviously, need to match the Syringe body type you use to the correct Needle Type when ordering, they do not work interchangeably with each other. 

I personally use the Luer Slip variant 

Syringe Volume 

Syringes come in various sizes from 1 to 60 mL. 

The choice of syringe is made according to the volume of medication to be administered so it is important to choose the smallest syringe possible to ensure accuracy when measuring out dosages.   

We typically use 3CC syringes in our tribe but if you are using smaller volumes per admin you can most certainly use a 2CC Syringe. 


Note: Different Srygine Body and Needle Types have different ” dead spaces” 

A dead space is ” wasted” Hormone. If you have a choice when ordering from your supplier choose the Syringe and Needle Combination with the smallest dead space. 

In the graphics below that would be option “D” 

But this is something that you may not be able to control, and the ” consequence” is simply a small loss of compound at the point of admin.

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