Nandrolone and the relief of Non Inflammatory Joint Pain
Despite long held Bro Law there is very little hard evidence referencing any effect Nandrolone may have regarding the alleviation of Non Inflammatory Joint Pain.
Nandrolone however does have well-documented effect on bone and muscle along with quality trials showing its benefit in osteoporotic bone pain and historical documentation of its efficacy for patellofemoral pain syndrome

In this study published March 2020, Researchers gave Hypogondal Men intramuscular ND dosed at one-half of their current testosterone cypionate regimen. 

(e.g., a participant using 200 mg testosterone cypionate weekly would continue that dose in addition to beginning 100 mg ND weekly)

All adult men with the diagnosis of hypogonadism (confirmed by sequential morning serum testosterone value of less than 300 ng/dL) who were currently using injectable intramuscular TTh were screened for the presence of joint pain at a single high-volume andrology clinic in Houston, Texas from August
2018 to January 2019.

Inclusion criteria were men, aged 21–70 years old, confirmed diagnosis of hypogonadism currently treated with injectable intramuscular TTh, and report of significant joint pain at the screening.
Exclusion criteria included prior nandrolone usage, inability to give informed consent, inability to perform intramuscular self-injection, an earlier diagnosis of solid organ cancer, and significant cardiovascular disease.
Each participant completed the RAPS before starting ND and 8 weeks after initiating ND.

At initial Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Scale RAPS administration, patient-specific characteristics were also recorded. This included the location of pain along with current pain medication usage and dosages.
Although limited by small follow-up sample size, Nandrolone patients reported that their discomfort was reduced on average by more than half.

Notably, many patients also reported a decreased reliance on chronic pain medication.

Impressive data for your Dr to consider if you suffer chronic Non Inflammatory Joint Pain
No discussion was made regarding the Mechanism of Action responsible for the outcome. A thread I will pull on further, maybe Dr Dean St Mart, Organic Chemist Phd has some insight here ? Specifically why does the Nandrolone Molecular appear to leverage benefit here, over other Testosterone Derivaties ?

For anyone with the ” It never did anything for me” experience

Lets consider this
72.2{4810c8228756a9189e64fcffe2b64504834fd1a9aa1761a0e9a85eac56097be8} of people here in this small sample, saw effect
That should be enough to explain ” It never did anything for me”
Make it worthy of consideration for those using TRT that do experience this condition and have never tried..
Victor Black

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