“Air Lock” Intramuscular Injection Technique

Yes / No ?

My opinion and some evidence to support it

Aspiration of the syringe plunger once the needle has been inserted into the muscle is an accepted part of IMI procedure but there is no evidence of the need to do this. Justification includes to ensure the drug does not enter the capillaries (Hunter, 2008) or to avoid inadvertent IV administration (Workman, 1999).

Today evidence based practice recommendations are that you dont need to aspirate … unlesss…

Aspiration may be relevant to prevent possible penetration of gluteal artery when the dorsogluteal muscle is used – this would indicate incorrect initial land-marking.

Land-marking by palpating the ileum and trochanter is considered essential to reduce risk of injury. Commonly used land-marking methods including ‘upper outer quadrant’ or ‘diagonal’ are controversial and are not supported by evidence (Small, 2004).

However, official guidance (DH, 2006; WHO, 2004) does not recommend routine use of the dorsogluteal muscle, and this should be sufficient to justify changing practice.

So … as long you are NOT doing Glutes, and you should NOT be anyway, yes many do..

Then as long as you a NOT doing Glutes and you wish to use the Air Lock Method, great

If you are doing Glutes ? No dont use this method and aspirate and be careful !