Mid Cycle Bloodwork for Enhanced Female 

A female client I work with was recently shall we say ” encouraged” to get Bloodwork by a Dr when they heard she was using ” PEDs”

As I understand it, in order to ” scare her straight” ..

The client did a very comprehensive Pathology Panel..

I was more than happy for this to happen.. get as much Bloodwork as you can I say ! The more the better !

Here where the out of range readings

Fasted Glucose on that day was a little low.. HA1C was perfect

AST readings where 32 – normal range is 10 – 30 U/L
ALT readings where 38 U/L – normal range is 6 – 29 U/L

No GGT reading was taken, no idea why I can only assume Dr does not work with Athletes.

Vitamin D was low – it should not be as the protocol calls for 5000IU Vitamin D3 daily, I suspect she might not have been taking it.. maybe : )

So,  Yes there are somethings I would like to adjust, based on the bloodwork.. that is the point of getting it so you can adjust your protocols and learn how you respond to various inputs

Free Test was also low at 1.6 pg/ml – hello SARMs.

but still within normal range.

No I am not against Women using Ostarine, Men have no need to go there, you are a Man !

In otherwords.. mid cycle..

All the Dr saw was.. pretty normal

No you dont need to destroy yourself when you use PEDs..

Victor Black