Metformin as a Performance and Image Enhancement and Anti-aging Drug

    • Metformin what is it and by what Mechanism of Action does it Work ?
    • Metformin 101 Primer Video
    • Metformin in Weight Loss / Bodyfat Reduction
    • Does Metformin inhibit our Gains
    • Metformin in the Treatment of Hormonal Acne
    • Metformin in an Anti-aging Role
    • Metformin in the Preventative Role re Prostate Cancer
    • Metformin as an Anti Cancer Treatment – Recent Evidences for its Role in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
    • Metformin and Burns Recovery
    • Metformin and Gastrointestinal Adverse effects
    • Is Metformin considered Liver Toxic ?
    • Metformin and Lipids
    • Is Metformin considered Kidney Toxic ?
    • Can Metformin cause you to develop a Vitamin B12 deficiency ?
    • Dosage and intake Timing for our Tribe
    • Legal Pharmaceutical Grade Metformin Source HereThis material is in the Victor Black Vault here – its free for Master Class Members


Examples of Content Here

Metformin 101 Primer Video

This Master Class Video is an introduction to the Drug Metformin

Metformin … what it is.. what its used for on label .. a brief overview of safety of use and an introduction to the follow on Videos for Master Class Members re its application in

1, Dieting
2, Building Muscle
3, Anti-aging Practices – Cancer Tumor Suppression incluing Prostate Cancer, Lipid Profile Improvement, Cognitive Function Improvement

IMO Metformin is the next big Anti Aging Drug and in 10 years it will be Mainstream Practice for all Older Men.

Metformin in Weight Loss / Bodyfat Reduction

This Master Class Video looks at the use of Metformin in Weight Loss / Bodyfat reduction..

We address the following subjects…

1. What are the underlying Mechanisms of Action – ie how does Metformin work ?
2. Is there any evidence to support its Off Label Use in Weight Loss in Non Diabetic Patients ?
3, How do I use Metformin as a part of Optimal Enhanced Bodyfat Reduction Program ?

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