Masteron and Hair Loss.

The second in the ” No, Sorry you are Wrong” Video Series.. from Victor Black

Today we address the subject of Masteron and Hair Loss.

Is Masteron a drug that you need to ” avoid like the Plague” if you are worried about Hair Loss ?
No, No, No..
Here we look at clinical evidence of high dosage Masteron use and Hair Loss Issues …
Evidence, not “some guy said”Oral Bioavailability of Masteron.

Given this study was orally administered, I had someone ask me about the Oral Bioavailability of Masteron.
2a-Methyl substitution
2a-Methyl substitution was effected on testosterone, 17 -methyltestosterone, dihydrotestosterone, 17a-methyldihydrotestosterone, 19-nortestosterone and 19-nordihydrotestosterone.
In general it was found that the 2 -methyl group decreased the androgenic and increased the anabolic activity of the parent steroid, the effect being more pronounced in the dihydrotestosterone series.
In addition 2a-methyldihydrotestosterone surprisingly was found to be orally active, exhibiting in the rat anabolic activity of the order of methyltestosterone with very low androgenicity.
This result seems to indicate that the 2 -methyl group either promotes oral absorption or prevents the rapid inactivation of the steroid by tissue enzymes.
So this directly addresses the comparison of the 2 drugs here ie Masteron V MethylT – head to head Orally Administered
At this time I have not seen anything to refute this.
If anyone has anything to refute this I am always interested in learning any day.

Victor Black

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