Liver Testing – so you have elevated ALT readings now what ?

I made a post yesterday about the importance of you educating yourself about PEDs because quite honestly most Drs are not going to understand how to interpret elevated markers much more than you here.

Take your average Liver Markers Bloodwork to your average GP and he is going to flip out and assume you have high grade Liver Toxicity and that is a reasonable assumption for anyone that does not understand our tribe well

Why ?

Well toxicity-induced ALT elevations are usually a result from porous necrotic liver tissue leaking enzymes into the systemic circulation – ouch we don’t want that and if you where not in my tribe he would have every right to be ” concerned” for your health

But the reality is while serum ALT is absolutely elevated in a variety of liver diseases, it is also elevated in conditions un-related to Liver distress such as severe muscle stress in even healthy natural individuals

For the enhanced even the simple use of Androgens raises ALT markers for ALT expression is possible via AR regulation so your ALT is going to rise without any Liver Stress at all.

Hell even Vitamin D will made your ALT markers elevate – especially at the dosage we should be using

So by the time you get to “ I lift heavy, use Androgens and and and” you are likely going to have some degree of ALT elevation even without any Liver Stress at all

Now that does not mean any degree of elevation of Markers is ok, hell no !

There are some drugs used by guys in our tribe that are so Liver Toxic I would ask why do you need to use that ? What goal do you have that you cant reach via a safer pathway?

I do not support the stacking for multiple Oral PEDS for example

Why ? Why do you need 2 – 3 Orals at a time ?

Few people ” need” to do that.

So we need to be able to understand that ALT elevation is not ” bad” perse, no … is a little more complicated than that, and we need to understand ” what course of action” to take if we see elevated ALT – so what now ?

Is that ALT coming from, Liver Toxicity or not ?


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