One of the most pervasive misunderstandings in our tribe is that the “strength” of an Anabolic Steroid is directly correlated to its binding affinity with the Androgen Receptor – ie 1: 1

IE If the drug has a stronger binding affinity with the AR than another then its ” stronger”

Besides the bioavailability within target tissues, the extent of the physiological effects induced by each Anabolic Steroid is to some degree correlated to the binding affinity to the AR yes agreed – to some degree..

But that is not the end game

Experimental studies have compare the binding affinity of nandrolone, oxymetholone, stanozolol, 17a-methyltestosterone, methenolone, methandienone, mesterolone, fluoxymesterone, and ethyl estrenol for the AR in both skeletal muscle and prostate tissues of rodents.





















Among these steroids, Primobolan has a higher binding affinity than Testosterone..

Does that mean Primobolan is ” stronger” than Test ?

What about Primoboland vs Winstrol ?

Several times more binding affinity with Primobolan does that mean its several times ” stronger” ? no

The degree of activation of AR is strictly dependent on the binding affinity however gene expression can be affected in different degree by structurally distinct Anabolic Steroids.

Victor Black