Many people think that Nandrolone causes less Estrogenic Issues than most AAS due to the lower rate of conversion to Estradiol via the Aromatase Enzyme

Ah hang one minute cause you need to understand the following

1, Nandrolone does not convert to Estrodial. just like Dbol does not convert to Estrodial – rather it converts to a variant of Estrogen and sometimes like in the case of Dbol or Ment that Estrogen is very powerful compared to Estradiol ( E2 )

2, 19 Nor Derivatives are known to be able to undergo transformation to powerful Estrogens in the Adult Liver

Few people understand this… its a problem with Birth Control Solutions derived from Nandrolone. That does affect us much because we use Nandrolone in injectable format.. it would be a problem in Oral form, indeed it is 19 Nor Oral Prohormones

3, Hell Nandrolone itself is the ONLY Steroid that shows a full dose-response curve in testing models for Estrogens

Nandrolone clearly has both androgenic and estrogenic properties, possibly explaining its excellent anabolic properties which require both types of hormonal activity. Without E there is limited growth! Nandrolone comes with its own E, it is E !

You can see here that 19-nortestosterone is a full agonist with ER Alpha receptor and that this compound is relatively more potent with ER Alpha receptor than it is with ER Beta


Hell forget converts to Estrogen, Nandrolone is an Estrogen.

That’s not bad, it just “is”