I feel a little disappointed that I only lost 5 pounds of Fat this month !
I understand does not sound like much does it, but just like guys that delude themselves that they put on 20 pounds of Muscle during their last Cycle ( yes the scale moved 20 pounds.. I know, yes )
Most people are terrible at visualizing what even 5 pounds of Muscle or Fat even looks like .
Perhaps its the fact that growing up we used to Butcher our own Animals I know what 5 pounds of Fat means…

This is 5 pounds of fat…

5 pounds of Fat is a lot of Fat

and it’s going to take very very loosely around 18,000 – 20,000 calories of energy expenditure over your intake to first mobilize and then oxidize that in expended energy.
Are there more aggressive fat loss models?
Yes, in fact, teach my own Rapid Fat Loss Model called ” Black LIghting ” … but its more work that regular dieting, again more you need to be more diligent not less.. to pull that off..
So for most people, most of the time
5 pounds of Fat Loss in a month is a good month
10 pounds in 8 weeks
Beach ready in 12 weeks ..
Competition is probably 2 x that..
Victor Black