Recently I had a push on trying to help the SARM community

I have absolutely nothing against SARMs

Quite the opposite I support the idea 100{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} indeed “ Tissue Selective compounds” are the foundation of my PED Strategy

But understand the entire point of non-steroidal SARMs was to remove the last 20{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} of Androgeneticity from drugs like Anavar – Anavar is about 1/5 as Androgenic in Action as T

and ideally to eliminate the side effects from HDL suppression to Liver Stress, RBC elevation and and and

All the while whilst retaining the ease of the Oral admin pathway

All this

Whilst maintaining or even better further elevating the Anabolic potential of the current generation of Steroidal SARMs

The moment we do that I am all over that shit haha – why not !

But we are not there yet

Even the researchers of these drugs themselves are saying

“ we need even more tissue selectively” ie its not zero


“ we need more anabolic potential”

So if they need more anabolic potential why don’t they just use more than the 1, 2, 3, 4mg you see in Human trials ?

If they need “ more anabolic potential”

Why not just raise the dosage ?

Like we do in our Tribe by 2 or 5 or 10 x

1. Because they never fully removed the last 20{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} of Androgeneticity either – that is no secret.

2, Because they never fully eliminated the side effects either and the elevate in a dosage dependent manner

So that is why I guys balls

What is point of taking on the risk of ” experimental drugs” if in order to realize the levels of Anabolism we seek, we need to elevate dosages to levels where the advantage of what we have now to use is lost in the process ?

This is why SARM make sense clinically but not as a PED

Not until we see SARMs with massively lower than 20{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} androgenicity at levels competitive to 300 x more anabolic potential when compared to Testosterone

For we have that now – at least according to the assays used to determine such things…

When that drug comes, oh and it will eventually mark my words – its game over for Steriods

No I am not a ” hater” you just dont understand what I am saying

The researchers developing these drugs do, and these are there words not mine

“ we need even more tissue selectively” ie its not zero


“ we need more anabolic potential”

Yes there are still some sub groups where SARMs make sense.. even today.. and clinically I support their development 100{2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} but as a PED its a number of smaller tribes like Women and those just starting out ie total beginners

Victor Black

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