How to take your Blood Pressure..

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This might seem a little ” Captain Obvious” but I know it has helped some guys in the past.. because this is a serious business with due regard to our health when using PEDs..

You should sit quietly for a minute or two before measuring..

Don’t talk to someone else whilst measuring..

Put both feet flat on the floor.

Support your back on a Chair with a Back support..

Make sure your arm is supported, the effort of holding your arm in position will change the reading..

Make sure you have a cuff large enough for your arm ( a small cuffs mean elevated / incorrect readings )

If your cuff can’t fit your Arm, you can do what they do for obese people and that is take the measurement at the wrist.. not ideal but it is what it is.. eventually you should buy an XXL cuff..

Make sure that the cuff is at heart level.. this is especially true if you take BP at the wrist.. try taking your BP just 6″ above or below heart level and you will see this changes the reading..

Measure the readings in both arms – a large differential might indicate an underlying issue.. a small variation is normal..

Use the side that has the highest reading in the future

If you are taking BP medication, take the reading before you admin the Medicine ..

Smart Watches, that can measure BP ?

I have a “BP watch” that I use to check my BP in various “conditions” during the day.. however I check this against the BP cuff machine.. its remarkably accurate…

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