How to calculate the Human Equivalent Dosage from a Rat Model is not by simply multiply the Rats weight x the Humans weight

All Steriods and SARMs and similar drugs have traditionally been dosed in Rats at 1mg/kg

and 1mg/kg in a Rat is NOT 100mg in a 100kg Male – NO

To determine the Human Equivalent Dosage from a Rat Model at 1mg/kg

You multiply the Rat Dosage X 0.162 to arrive at the Human Equivalent Dosage in mg/kg

So 1mg/kg in a Rat is 0.162 mg/kg in a Human Model

So for a 100kg Male

1mg/kg in a Rat Model is 16.2mg in a 100kg Male

Not 200mg, no 16.2mg

Why on earth would we be testing what 200mg of a drug does in Humans based on an animal surrogate and then go test it in Humans at 4 mg ? Even that does not make any sense… just why ?

Toxicity Testing ? sure.. but for practical clinical use ?

Victor Black

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