How Serious are You ?

What do I mean when I say things like ” how serious are you” ?

When guys ask me about the chances of them realizing XYZ goal.. one of the first questions I ask is ” how serious are you” ?

Let me explain what I mean by that.. by way of this study..

This is a study that looked at Nutrition Assessment in High Performance Athletes..

Nutrition Assessment is a necessary first step in advising athletes on dietary strategies that include dietary supplementation, and in evaluating the effectiveness of supplementation regimens.

But even here what seems pretty black and white there are “levels” guys are and are not prepared to ” go to”

It takes 27 days tracking for Men and 35 days tracking for Women simply to actually get enough information to even estimate true average intake for calories.. some of the finer detail takes multiple months of tracking.. to create quality information.. so we can make the adjustments you need to be ” the best version of you”

How Serious are You ?

Victor Black