How much Estrogen is too much Estrogen?

The idea that you are going to elevate your Testosterone levels to 150 – 200 percent of Normal Range and your E2 is going to stay in the normal range is ridiculous

What matters is unbalanced Testosterone /Estrogen Ratios

Yes agreed when estrogen levels are unbalanced, the risk of degenerative disease in men skyrockets

Speak to most men doing true TRT dosages and they will relate recommendations from their Dr to try to keep their E2 at under 30pg/mL and when your T Levels are 500ng/dl that makes sense – ok

They are trying to balance T / E ratios

But for Men using high levels of Androgens even something as low as 5mg/kg total load 30pg/mL is low, really low

The understanding here is that Estrogen provides incredible protective effects, improves recovery, and is a massive contributor to muscle growth. The list of good things Estrogen does is a looong list

And Androgens and Estrogens provide opposing stimulatory influence

The simple version is when you have low T and high E bad shit happens

But when you have high T you want and need higher E

Most men will have E levels at 300 – 600mg a week that would flip out the uninformed

50 – 100 pg/mL is not unrealistic and there is an argument to be had to even higher is better – of course, the argument falls… “what about gyno”

Well like Prostate Cancer or Balding most Men that experience Gyno have never been near steroids in their life and there is a huge genetic component here like all things, hell for some Men smoking Pot creates enough of T/E imbalance that they have Gyno from that, those guys are genetically sensitive

Bottom line here ?

The idea that you are going to raise T 2 x and your trying to keep your E2 at pre elevation levels is naive

Here we can see how at 600mg T weekly older men saw levels of up to 100pg/mL

But look at the T/E2 ratio its going down as the T goes up – C in the graphic below

What matters, what causes problems is unbalanced Testosterone /Estrogen Ratios


Victor Black