How long should you take to get ready for a Show ?

Competiton Prep for Season 2020, here we go

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How long should you take to get ready for a Show ?

When I first started competing 27 years ago everyone, almost universally did a 12 to 16-week prep

Today the typical prep duration varies dramatically

With some individuals choosing to remain a lot closer that stage weight year around than we traditionally did, those individuals are able to transition from offseason to stage-ready in some cases as little as 8 weeks, however IMO staying that lean all year round is not only “questionably healthy” it also limits growth potential during the improvement season

As such most guys in that category are elite athletes that that sponsors to please with public appearances etc – the cold hard truth is its hard to get paid for appearances at less than an ideal condition in 2019 and no one wants to offer you a photoshoot at 12 + {2658607c068490114260e14c260e6ae174f4b10b752c604f4a58b348bf83bb16} bodyfat today.

At the same time the level of conditioning we are seeing in the Amateur Ranks is far far far better today than it was historically

Yes, you can argue back and forth about the condition of the Elite Pros today if you wish today but I have little interest in the Pro Ranks for that is a Game of Genetics today and unsustainable enhancement practices, neither of which is me our my tribe.

But in my class, in the Over 50’s Grandmasters Class the guys just keep getting better and better every year… IMO the best IOver 50 guys today would smoke the guys from just 10 years ago.

So with the improvement of the condition, we are seeing guys are doing longer and longer preps…

So here is what I feel is a practical framework for high level conditioning – 27 to 28 weeks out the process begins – note the first 30 days is not a caloric deficit !

As you can see its not a linear diet but a series of phases…

This week is the first week of phase 1 for me for the 2020 Season

Cleaning up my desk if you will getting ready to go to work in January 2020

That might seem like a pointless exercise but believe me going from a Caloric Surplus to a Caloric Deficit is way harder that a 2 stage model like this – where we step down over 30 days

Set up, get ready for the work ahead.

Victor Black

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