Something I don’t think is well understood by our tribe is the flaws in the Androgenic to Anabolic Ratio model that so many in our community reference towards the anabolic potential of a PED

I completely understand why guys want to use this model – it makes things easy to understand – black / white good / bad

But you need to understand that there have been 100’s of different studies on these drugs conducting these types of assays with outcomes that vary massively in regards┬áthe study protocols used

So many studies that we are now at the point where the outcomes are so distorted that they just don’t make sense anymore

Let’s take Primobolan

In some studies, it produced a 1:2 ratio in other words is was a Androgenic as T and only 2 times more Anabolic

in another is was 1: 30

So which one is it ?

1:2 sounds shit to me… and if it was really that I would not be such a fan as I am

1: 30 it that was true would make Primobolan far far far more tissue selective than any SARMs we have seen to date

Rather than even trying to argue about which one it is I say just forget about this model

It’s as flawed as the idea that binding affinity to the Androgen Receptor is directly correlated to a drugs Anabolic Potential and it’s just not that simple.

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