Do Steroids ( other than Testosterone ) show up as Testosterone in your Bloodwork ?

Its a question a lot of Novices will ask.. when trying to understand Bloodwork for the first time

Interestingly the typical Bro reply is “NO” !

However like so much of what we do, the correct answer is “maybe”.. it’s actually conditionally true.

Conditional on who you are ( sex specifically ), what drugs we are talking about and ” to what magnitude” we are talking about ( technical correctness ) and what immunoassay is being used by your particular Laboratory.

Yes there are some drugs that basically no crossreactivity at all they include oxymetholone, stanozolol, and turinabol.

and there are some that are actually plausible

” Anabolic steroids are well-represented among compounds cross-reacting with the Roche Elecsys Testosterone II immunoassay at a test concentration of 0.1 μg/mL (100 ng/mL)

Seven compounds boldenone, 19-norclostebol, dianabol, methyltestosterone, norethindrone, normethandrolone, and 11β-hydroxytestosterone produced cross-reactivity of 5% or greater.

Nine additional compounds produced cross-reactivity between 0.5% and 4.9 % 

Using the cross-reactivity values, the apparent testosterone concentration that could be produced on the Roche Elecsys Testosterone II immunoassay was estimated for compounds based on published serum/plasma concentrations, if available.

There is limited published data on serum/plasma concentrations of some of the anabolic steroids, with generally more focus on measurement of these compounds in urine samples, usually for the purposes of detecting use as performance-enhancing drugs in competitive athletics.

Of the anabolic steroids for which serum/plasma concentrations are available, methyltestosterone appears to be the one most likely to impact testosterone immunoassay measurements in males.

Norethindrone and nandrolone could produce clinically significant impact on testosterone measurement in women, as may androstenedione in patients with 21-hydroxylase deficiency

All compounds on the Roche assay the demonstrated cross-reactivity had 2D similarities to testosterone ”

Victor Black

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