Do SARM represent a ” higher risk of virilization” than Anabolic Steroids to Women ?

This one is going be controversial.. and all opinions are welcome.. this is simply mine..

One of the biggest claims about SARM’s – outside of the misunderstanding that they are “safe” …. is the claim that the are ” safe for Women” to use..

Hold on one second..

First understand that this is a mechanistic discussion. I will offer the “applied outcome” in a moment..

Mechanistically when you take SARM’s even at Clinical Doses you are going to see a big drop in SHBG.. what that means is there is going to be a corresponding increase in Free Testosterone in Women.. ( relative to normal values )

Because of the way that woman make Testosterone its not suppressed in the same way as Men by SARM’s that suppress T.

Now that simple act is going to mean that the average woman is going to be exposure to elevated levels of her own ” natural T” and that is a ” heightened virilization risk”

Mechanistically all correct.. agreed..

SARMs and Women “technically” is a bad idea..

as BTW would be any drug that significantly decreased OR tied up SHBG.. raising Free T .. any drug ! ie Proviron and Women..

Now in an applied sense do we see this ?

Well no…

It does not appear that way.. does this mean SARMs are safe for Women ? I am NOT saying that here . I am saying we don’t see that in research in a ” blanket sense”

Maybe you can start to see the disconnect between what is ” Mechanistically Correct” and what happens in the “real World”..

There is more to all this than only snippets of ” Technically correct Science”

I try to stand in the middle ground inbetween real world practical application and the science..


Victor Black

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