Dbol is potentially Neurotoxic – and its not alone..

No sacred cows !

( A sacred Cow is an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism )

If you are really serious about learning about PEDs, then there can be no sacred cows.. All PEDs are on the table for critical review..

Trenbolone is potentially Neurotoxic.

A few years ago a study was released that looked at the impact of Trenbolone on the Male Rat Brain, where we saw increased levels of β-amyloid Plague that resulted in a large number of guys placing Trenbolone in the ” potentially Neurotoxic” basket..

and possibly quite rightly so..

But I wonder how many that did that know that Methandienone ( Dbol ) also amplifies β-Amyloid Induced Toxicity ?

I have never heard anyone warning guys off using Dbol because it does what Trenbolone does to your brain.

Why ? Mostly because studies rarely compare multiple steroids side by side for the effects. Guys are presented with one study that shows X drug might do XYZ and then in their mind that drug, and only that drug, does that.

Comparing Testosterone, Nandrolone and DBol for Neurotoxicity

In this study Testosterone, Nandrolone and DBol were compared here side by side re amplified Ab-Induced toxicity.

In this test all drugs were tested for their ability to affect neuronal susceptibility to β-amyloid -induced toxicity in mixed cortical cultures at higher concentrations of 100 nM,

Methandrostenolone ( Dbol ) amplified Ab-induced toxicity.

Here Testosterone did not influence Ab toxicity, however Methandrostenolone ( Dbol ) amplified Ab-induced toxicity.

Overall this study provides evidence that two AASs with a different pharmacological profile, namely, Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone, can affect neuronal survival at suprapharmacologic doses, raising a serious concern for steroid abusers, who have micromolar concentrations of AASs in their brain (Lukas, 1996; Wu, 1997; Daly et al., 2001).

The relevant sites for the neurotoxic action of Nandrolone and Methandrostenolone appear to be membrane-associated ARs and membrane associated-GRs, respectively.
Its important to note here that these concentrations of the drugs were not directly neurotoxic however they where able to increase neuronal susceptibility to the apoptotic stimulus provided by Ab(25–35).

Laymans Takeaway ?

I have no problem with guys placing Trenbolone in the ” potentially Neurotoxic” basket.. as I say it probably deserves to be there..

However no sacred cows !

What else is in that basket ?

DBol and Nandrolone for a start !

Human exposure to AASs including Dbol and Nandrolone and Trenbolone may result in a compromised brain, more susceptible, later in life, to the onset or progression of diseases not usually linked to drug abuse, especially neurodegenerative diseases (e.g .,Alzheimer’s disease).

Here is the real issue..

I suspect if we actually had the data on all commonly used Anabolic and Androgenic Steroids that Testosterone would be the only compound that did not slap us around here..

I imagine it would be a case of they do “too varying degrees” with outcomes both compound and dosage dependant

But sadly because Trenbolone is the one drug we have that specific data on, from ” that one specific study” it then becomes in guys minds the one drug you should not use.

This is the whole SARMs argument, there will be SARMs advocates reading this rubbing their hands together saying ” see I told you so”

” Lucky we use SARMs haha ”

When of course in reality what all this actually means is we have fragments of insight for what might be true for Trenbolone and Dbol and Nandrolone, really just a few scraps to think about, and not a fucking clue what SARMs are doing to your Brain.

Question from Master Class Member

What do the BSA conjugates tell us ?

I am not an organic chemist so, to the best of my understanding here

The BSA conjugates are used here for they are are cell impermeable and so preferentially target membrane Androgen receptors

Given the higher responses seen from the BSA conjugates its suggesting cell membrane AR are the relevant site for the Neurotoxic Effect of Steroids

Victor Black