Dbol converts to a variant of Estrogen Methylestradiol

If Dbol converts to Estrogen at a lower rate than Testosterone why does it seem you get so bloated on it at quite small dosages?

I mean at 50mg a day that’s just 350mg a week and 350mg of Test a week don’t make me that bloated

If you follow my content there are many reasons I dont recommend Dbol and IMO it has not place in responsible PED use.

Here is just one, there are many…

Methylestradiol is an active metabolite of the steroids Dbol and Methyl Test – ie neither Dbol or Methyl Testosterone converts to Estrodial to a modified version of Estrogen

Due to the presence of its C17α methyl group, methylestradiol cannot be deactivated by oxidation of the C17β hydroxyl group

What this means is even though it has a lower binding affinity for the ER than Estrodial its more resistant to metabolism itself and so has higher potency relative to estradiol.

Its this quirk that is responsible for the the high estrogenic side effects of Dbol and Methyl Test such as gynecomastia and fluid retention – at an even greater rate than Test

Why anyone would want to put either of these drugs alongside T makes no sense to me.

Takeway ?

Do not misread my post !!

This is NOT about does Dbol ” work”, this is NOT about did the Champion Bodybuilders in the 1970s and 1980s use Dbol ? yes is the answer..

Its an Androgen that binds with the Androgen Receptor and causes Gene Transcription that results in Protein Accretion

So of course it works

This is about ” what else is does”

Test + a DHT derivative

Test + a 19 Nor


Test + a DHT Derivative + a 19Nor

Why would you use 2 Androstanes in the same cycle ?

In other words…

Use as much T as you can tolerate as a genetically unique individual without DHT or Estrogen related sides and then add ” something else”

Dbol really isnt ” something else”

Victor Black