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CRON-O-Meter has several resources for helping you with your questions.

  • User Guide This user manual provides a description of the basic concepts and walk-throughs of common actions
  • Forums Visit our online forums for support and discussions about cronometer.comEmail Support If you cannot find your answer in our user manual or the forums, you can email support with your questionsIntroduction to CRON-O-Meter

    CRON-O-Meter has four main screens that you can navigate using the four main tabs:


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    The Diary screen is where you log all of your daily items you wish to track. You can track foods, exercise, metrics (such as your weight, blood pressure, temperature, etc…), and you can keep personal notes.

    A summary of your daily nutrition is displayed at the bottom. You can see at a glance how well you are hitting each of your nutritional targets. By selecting individual items in your diary, you can also see how each item contributes to your targets.


    The Trends screen displays graphs and statistics on your aggregate data. You won’t see much here until you’ve logged your data for several days.


    The Foods screen lets you browse all of the foods and recipes in our database. You can also create your own custom foods and recipes here.


    The Profile screen shows your account information and preferences. This is where you can edit your nutritional targets and weight goal. Finally, it provides tools for managing your data.