I am doing SC testosterone administration

I am sourcing Pharmacetical Grade Testosterone in 250ml 1ml Vials

Can I preload the Insulin Syringes ?

Preloaded syringes are time savers, but questions have arisen anecdotally about the risk of infection from this procedure and the possible loss of potency, especially when performed with buffered syringes.

This is rather common practice for many people across a wide range of compounds.

I am unaware of any reason as long as you’re using sterile techniques, using clean needles and syringes, and storing them safely that you will have any issue with this.

Assuming that your testosterone is pharmaceutical grade and contains the appropriate preservatives and antimicrobial solvents, you shouldn’t run into any issues.

Another option would be to buy some sterile vials. Draw the contents of your ampules and load up a sterile vial for the month. Draw from it as needed.

You might find this study interesting/ supportive


To show that preloaded syringes do not develop colonies of bacterial organisms and to confirm that anesthetic potency is maintained for at least 2 weeks.


Thirty-six syringes were stored for a period of 2 weeks on a shelf in our clinical procedure area with no protection from heat or light. The majority of these were then cultured for bacteria and fungi and one of them was used on one of the authors to determine the potency of the anesthetic.


Preloaded syringes do not appear to be prone to the development
of bacterial contamination for at least a 2-week period and potency of the anesthetic is maintained.


Preloaded syringes are time savers and are a safe modality for use in the practicing dermatology office.