Are Steroids shrinking your Brain ?

Prolonged high-dose anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) use has been associated with psychiatric symptoms and cognitive deficits, yet we have almost no knowledge of the long-term consequences of AAS use on the brain.

In 2016 this large scale study sett out to investigate the association between long-term AAS exposure and brain morphometry, including subcortical neuroanatomical volumes and regional cortical thickness.

Compared to non–AAS-using weightlifters, the AAS group had thinner cortex in widespread regions and significantly smaller neuroanatomical volumes, including total gray matter, cerebral cortex, and putamen. Both volumetric and thickness effects remained relatively stable across different AAS subsamples comprising various
degrees of exposure to AASs and also when excluding participants with previous and current non-AAS drug abuse.

The effects could not be explained by differences in verbal IQ, intracranial volume, anxiety/depression, or attention or behavioral problems.

This large-scale systematic investigation of AAS use on brain structure shows negative correlations between AAS use and brain volume and cortical thickness. Although the findings are correlational, they may serve to raise concern about the long-term consequences of AAS use on structural features of the brain..

Takeaway ?

For me.. its at least enough that we are aware of the possible concerns here, and stay ontop of the latest research..

Are there drugs that are worse than others here ? maybe.. maybe

You can read the study here 

Victor Black


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