Are SARMs like Ostarine ” safe” for Women to use ?

IMO SARM make a hell of a lot more sense as a PED in Women than in Men

Why ? well principally because Women require significantly less Anabolic Stimulus to realize fabulous outcomes allowing them to keep dosages under the threshold where their Tissue Selectivity actually provide some benefit when compared to Anabolic Steroids.

Clearly, I would direct any woman interested in SARMs to the only SARMs we can really say we have any degree of credible data on Ostarine

27 Clinical Trials in greater than 2200 individuals in both Men and Women, start your due diligence there.

The only issue I would point out to Women over the usual caution I give Men is that SARMs are not anywhere as tissue-selective as many think.

In this study, we can see how Ostarine and the Steroid Danazol mirrored that of DHT on Uterine Cells whereas GTx-007 had minimal impact on the tested parameters.

As such I suggest women at the very least learn about this, and those that suffer endometriosis pay particularly close attention

Victor Black