ARBs including Telmisartan are Renal Protective – outside of lowering BP

Blood Pressure Medications are not something we want to avoid.. or ” eventually get off”, why ?

ARBs are Renal Protective – outside of lowering BP

Directly Renal Protective

ARBs are Renal Protective

ARBs are Cognitive Protective

ARB will prevent LVH and Cardiac Tissue Remodeling

ARBs lower Hematocrit

ARBs will do for you what you think you are taking an Ai for now

Its not estrogen that underlies water retention.

hell ARBs are Myostatin Inhibitors

and sure they Control your BP

The goals is to get you onto an ARB not ” off ”

Your Dr and your Coach does not get it, sure I understand

I understand your reluctance..

All I ask is you keep the channel open

Remain open minded, the movement has begun..

The science is there, its not new..

For years our Tribe has for the most part been “educated” by Bros

That is is a big undertaking.. that is a lot of work

I am doing my best.. I will get there..

Renal Protective