Another Study raising the issue of Neurotoxicity from the Chronic Use of Dbol – Methandrostenolone ( in a Rodent Model )


Neurotoxicity is one of the areas of AAS Harm Reduction that I simply need to better understand, I have no problem raising my hand here and saying it stretches my poor layman skill set right out the gate. haha

This is a Rodent Study that I really don’t have much to say about here beyond this

In this study we are looking at the impact of the Adolescent Brain.

Does this apply to the mature brain ?

In this study we are looking at Dbol ( Methandrostenolone )

Does this only apply to Dbol or all AAS ?

I have previously discussed the idea that Neurotoxicity might be related to the mechanism or action of individual PEDs

Read more on that here.. 

It has been proposed that activation of ARs may elicit opposite effects on cell survival (i.e., detrimental or beneficial) depending on whether membrane ARs or intracellular ARs are activated.

There are some studies that suggest Dbol is only a weak agonist of the ARs and that most of its anabolic activity likely comes from nonAR-mediated effects (Fragkaki et al., 2009)

and the elevated neurotoxicity of the drug Dbol when compared to Testosterone was fully prevented by the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) antagonist RU486, suggesting its its Dbol’s action on the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) that underlies this impact

Is that what we are seeing here as well ?

We know rHGH has some ability to offset the impact of Neurotoxicioty from Nandrolone use… does that apply here ?

So I have more questions that answers to offer here

I will try to better understand this.. and make a more insightful post when I do

Takeaway for now ?

Steroids have the potential to be Neurotoxic.. I think that is just fact

Different Steroids have the potential to be more or less Neurotoxic .. moderate Testosterone is Neuroprotective.. well both Testosterone and Estrogen are Neuroprotective.

IMO just raising this awareness of Neurotoxicity is a good start..

I think too many guys are worried about superficial side effects like Gyno and Hair Loss and Acne – we can fix that

Maybe you should worry more about White Matter Loss instead ?

What matter more to you, your Brain or your Hair ?

One guess who I will asking help from to understand this..Scott Howell.

He is a crazy busy Man so when he has some time, I will try to get his take.

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