Ab Training Fundamentals..

The Rectus Abdominis is one of the simplest and easiest to train Muscle Groups in the Human Body..

And its horribly misunderstood by most who attempt to train it..

Most people go about Ab Training in the most inefficient way possible..


The Rectus Abdominis

1. Has a single attachment point at the top and the another at the bottom.. ie its even simpler that your Biceps.. which is a very simple Muscle compared to almost all others

This muscle originates on the front of the ribs (the costal cartilage of the 5th, 6th and 7th ribs, and the Xiphoid process), and inserts onto the Pubic Bone (“crest of the pubis”) of the Pelvis.

When the muscle contracts (shortens), it pulls the origin and the insertion closer together, thereby producing “spinal flexion” – a forward curving of the spine.

2, There is only one Rectus Abdominis muscle – not two.

There is no separate “upper abs” and “lower abs”. There is only one origin, one insertion and one primary function

3, The “dividers” in the muscle sheath – the divider that runs down the center is called the “Linea Alba”and the ones that run horizontal to the muscle “Tendinous Intersections” have been there since the day you were born, they are essentially Tendons.

The configuration of these shapes, as well as the number of “notches” we have, are determined by our genetics. We cannot add any additional dividers.

This means that we cannot convert a “four pack” into a “six pack” or an ” eight pack” any more that you can add another head to your Biceps haha

So how do you train the Rectus Abdominis for Hypertrophy ?

What is the best exercise to get ” bigger, larger, more pronounced AB development ?



The best exercise to train the Rectus Abdominis is the exercise that allows us to most efficiently ” load the muscle” under full range of motion.. just like all other Muscles.. should not be a surprise really…

So what about Planks, Leg Raises etc.. ?

Planks are effectively Isometric Exercises..

Now if you wish to believe that the best way to grow any other Muscle Group is “static holds under tension”.. then hell have at it haha

I use a squat variant to grow legs, a press variant to grow chest, a curl variant to grow biceps.. same is true for every Muscle group.. but when it comes to Abs I am going to just tense them up and hold them for maximum growth ? .. hmmm

To create maximum Hypertrophy you are seeking an exercise that will efficiently Load the Muscle under full range of motion and one that you can execute with continual Progressive Overload.. over an extended time frame..

That leads us to ? 

Weighted Crunches.. Full Range of Motion.. Continual Progressive Overload

This is where you build your Abs.. on this machine. This machine is too Abs what the Squat Rack is too Legs

Victor Black