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VIP, One on One Coaching for Men and Women, Natural, TRT and Enhanced. 

Are you ready to be the Best Version of you ?

Chances are pretty good, that if you are reading this, you probably already know at least a little about me, but for those that don’t.

My name is Victor Black,  I’m an Over 50 World Class Amateur Competitive Bodybuilder and International Coach and Educator, with over 34 years of Training Experience.


I specialize in helping ” Average” Men and Women realize their Goals with a particular focus on Longevity and Sustainability. I mean what is the good of looking great, fabulous even for 5 years, maybe 10 and then not being able to sustain it ?

And no I was not born with great genetics..

I literally started Training all that time ago just because I wanted to look normal. I was teased and bullied for the way I looked as a child. My head was so big compared to my body I just wanted my body to be bigger, because I could not shrink my melon haha

It took me several years to get to the point where I was confident enough that could stand on the stage in my underpants.. that I felt I looked ” normal”

Today 34 years later I am happy to place my ” experience” against anyone in the World.. anyone.

I know what I know, not because I learnt it at ” school” but by making just about every mistake you can make, and often more than once haha

Yes I consider myself an ” Expert” in this Game..

No not because of the credentials I hold, but because of more than 3 decades of graft and grind.. sweat and frustration.

No matter how genetically “cursed” you might think you are, and no matter how much you have struggled, no matter how lost you might feel after trying and abandoning many types of workout and diet routines, I am here to help you to be the very best version of you. I thrive on helping those that feel they ” can’t” I enjoy the challenge of showing you, that you can.

Book a free Discovery Call Here – ie where I can better understand your needs and discuss how we might best work together.

Client Testimonial from Professor Jonas Schwatz Phd

” Victor Black is one of the wisest persons I know. Not only is he passionate about researching every possible aspect of bodybuilding, health and anti-aging, but he has the ability to bridge the gap between theory and practice in a logical manner. His nutritional, training and supplement guidance prioritize what will get the most results according to a real risk/reward analysis.

I followed his general information channel as a Master Class member for a year before making the jump to individual coaching for another year in order to break through a plateau. I can honestly say, I have made more progress in the two years under his tutelage than in my previous 30+ years of training.

This guy is the real deal, and he’s worth far more than he charges. I’ll be a Master Class member for life, and if I decide to go for it and do a show at 50, he’ll coach me again, whatever the cost. ”


Together we will Create, Execute, Track and Adjust a Plan custom made for You..  for You are a Genetically Unique Individual and with your own Unique Goals.

Yes we will cover everything

Nutritional Planning
Training Programming
Over the Counter Supplements
Sleep Hygiene and Stress Management
TRT and HRT Optimization Support


If you are interested then Higher Levels of Enhancement Practices, however we are always mindful of Harm Minimization Practices ie ” Safer Use” of PIEDs


Ongoing Coaching Per Month – Tier 2 Coaching 

Initial Discovery Call – covering Training, Nutrition, Supplementation and Enhancement 

Tailored Programming – covering Training, Nutrition, Supplementation and Enhancement 

Free Upgrade to Gold Version of Cronometer Tracking Tool

Weekly Check-ins via the Client Dashboard

Price on Application


Tier 3 Coaching 

Ongoing Coaching for ” Serious Competitive Bodybuilders ” 

National, International and Professional Class Bodybuilders. 

If you are a Amateur Recreational Competitor we can probably fit you in under Tier 2. 

Initial Discovery Call – covering Training, Nutrition, Supplementation and Enhancement 

Tailored Programming 

Weekly Coach Driven Check-in One on One Video Conferencing  – Zoom or Skype

Training Footage Analysis.

Unlimited WhatsApp,  Messenger, or Email support.

Tier 3 is for individuals needing maximum support and guidance, for ” Serious Competitive Bodybuilders” and for Mentoring of Coaches wanting to learn the process in a high touch model. 

Price on Application 

References – Prof. Scott Howell Phd

” Of all the individuals I have met in bodybuilding,  Victor Black is the most rational, reasoned, and evidence-based coach out there.

He is doing great things and helping many men. I recommend him 100% to anyone that wants to achieve their bodybuilding goals and maintain their health.

Work with this man and you will see results. ”

Thank you Victor Black

We have always been on the same page and remember several years ago when I first saw you posting and being the voice of reason in regards to androgen use and other PIEDs. NO ONE else was engaging people about real risks and questioning the status quo but you did and continue to do just that.

There are very few people I stand behind in this area because as you well know, anyone can claim to be an expert and people honestly do not know in general how to gauge credibility.

You are credible and update your beliefs based on the best available evidence and use experience to connect the dots. Many researchers and few physicians never get to this level of self-awareness.

That, alone, is worth its weight in gold but very few reach the level of honesty required with themselves and others.

I wish more people would peruse your content and listen to your material. They would save themselves a lot of BS and really learn to prioritize health.

What good is pursuit of bodybuilding if one can’t live to enjoy it?

Scott Howell, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Tier 1 Health and Wellness, Center for Clinical Research. He is an epidemiologist, exercise physiologist and mechanical engineer with research interests in the long-term safety of therapeutic androgen use, endocrine disrupting chemicals exposure, and preventative medicine. His personal interests include research methods, biostatistics, adaptations to physical training, illicit androgen abuse, and philosophy.

Yes I work with everyone from World Class Bodybuilders to Busy Executives that simply want to look good Naked

VIP, One on One Coaching for Men and Women, Natural, TRT and Enhanced. 

References – Paul Rowe, Over 50 World Class Bodybuilder

My name is Paul Rowe.

I am a longstanding competitive bodybuilder and have been 3x Masters Mr Britain 040 and 050, Mr UK o50, NABBA o50s World Champion and runner up in the NABBA MR Universe.

People might assume my years of training would have taught me most of what there is to know about building muscle, losing body fat, executing nutrition plans and training regimes.

But my years of experience have taught me that human differences, including age, body type and of course genetics factor so greatly in what is achievable as a bodybuilder.

Science is also always moving forward, which means we must continue to learn and build upon our knowledge base. There is a lot of information out there that is, at best, counterproductive, and at worst extremely harmful. How do we weed out the good from the bad?

Personally, I made a great discovery in Victor Black.

Victor does all the hard work for his clients/Masterclass members. So you may be asking ‘why Victor’ over all the other guys’ online? Well here’s why:

  • Victor does a huge amount of research (so you don’t have to)
  • His knowledge is not just around Bodybuilding; it’s also about being healthy while achieving your goals; and he has a large amount of anti-aging content.
  • Because his views are science and researched based he is not precious about his online content; if the science changes so will the content.
  • Like me, his view is that PEDs are not the solution to poor or even average genetics but that lifestyle, nutrition and training are the true building blocks of a head turning physique.
  • Whilst not contradicting the above Victor has a massive knowledge base on PEDs, hormones, metabolism control and vitamins.

I could go on, but I will leave it at that and encourage you to check Victor out for yourself..

Paul Rowe.

References – Mike Quinn IFBB Legend – Complimentary Master Class Lifetime Member 

Yes I gave Mike a free Lifetime Pass, how can you charge a Legend ? haha

” Victor Black well you’re doing very good work. OMG pros don’t even do this and even I learn things from you all the time. ”

” I have always used science in my career I was very lucky to have top Drs and sports nutritionist in my career Lol don’t you laugh when these so called gurus tell people shit that is just bullshit ”

” I  like that you explain to people how drugs work and tell them a dosage that is always safe”

Bravo brother keep it up my friend.

Mike Quinn

References – Mike Grolholtz Natural

Appreciate you and your knowledge!! From injury repair to nutrient uptake to programming.

All the details that get skipped over so easily you focused on.

Made all the difference in the world!!

Raul Raditoiu

Raul is a Coach in his own right, and a very good one, so he knows what he is doing, my job was to guide him, to mentor him, but he did the work..


Thank you for your guidance and mentorship. I’m very happy how this first year turned out. Many more pounds to come💪

For anybody following Victor, he is one of the best investments you can make, the amount of knowledge I gathered while working together is worth much more.

Don’t hesitate to join his coaching/mentorship program. The best investment is in yourself! ”

Les M.

IMO these Photos speak for themselves.

Yes I also work with Women both Enhanced and Natural

Book a free Discovery Call Here – ie where I can better understand your needs and discuss how we might best work together.

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